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Birthdate:Dec 14
As of today, October 1, I'm officially retired from the US Postal Service. I am a published writer. Check out some of my books at:

I am presently the SUPERNATURAL editor over at, a TV-dedicated web site. You'll find all your favorite shows there, but frankly, I think you'll LOVE my SUPERNATURAL synopses/reviews/commentary if you're a fan of the show. Check it out!

I have two dogs, Snapple, a 15 year old schnoodle, and Bugsy, a blind lhasa apso we rescued five years ago. The latter, despite training and lots of work, remains a biter, even with us. The problem with Bugsy is that he was abused and has flashbacks that make him kind of crazy--so he lashes out with his teeth. We love him anyway, believe it or not, because he has his sweet moments and can be very affectionate and loving. We can't have people over, but since I hate cleaning up for company, I don't mind that!

I've been married to a guy named Dan for 31 years. He still makes me laugh, or his terrible habits would have had me kicking him out by now. He's also wonderful with the dogs and loves Bugsy as much as I do. I can't get rid of a sweetheart of a guy like that, can I? Nah!

Together, we had one perfect child, Brad. He's 26 now, about to move into his own house. He won't be living far away, because he managed to avoid learning to cook in his 26 years living with me, and he won't want to starve. I'll give him cooking lessons and occasionally invite him over to dinner. He teaches 7th grade math, made tenure this year and I am so proud of him, I could explode! He was a high achiever his entire life and it has paid off well for him. The fact that he can purchase his own home on his own salary here in New York speaks very well for my "little boy."

Love, Robin
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but all rock 'n' roll, especially supernatural, gone with the wind, i have very eclectic tastes, i love dogs, i love romantic films and comedies the most, reading, supernatural is #1, to kill a mockingbird, watching tv, writing
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